Is being vegan better for the environment?

An increasing number of people are choosing the plant-based diet and everyone has their own reason for doing it whether it's for health reasons, to reduce animal cruelty or to protect the environment. But how environmentally-friendly is being a vegan?In this video we explore the impact some of the most

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Qualcomm claims Apple shared tech with Intel

Image copyright Reuters US chipmaker Qualcomm has accused Apple of sharing its technology with rival suppliers including Intel in a theft intended to improve the performance of non-Qualcomm chips.The complaint, made in a filing in a Californian court, marks the latest clash between the two firms.Apple has separately accused Qualcomm

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Europe’s Ariane-5 rocket primed for 100th flight

Image copyright ARIANESPACE/ESA Image caption It has been two decades of operation for the Ariane 5 Europe's Ariane 5 rocket is set to make its 100th flight on Tuesday. It will lift two big satellites into orbit from its operating base in Kourou, French Guiana. Conceived originally to launch a

Portugal shipwreck is ‘discovery of a decade’

A 400 year old shipwreck has been discovered off the coast of Portugal. The find is part of a 10-year archaeological project supported by the town of Cascais, the Portuguese government and navy, and Nova University in Lisbon.Project director Jorge Freire called it the 'discovery of a decade'. [ad_2] Source

Climate change kills Antarctica’s ancient moss beds

Image copyright University of Wollongong Emerging from the ice for a brief growing season every Antarctic summer, the lush green mosses of East Antarctica are finally succumbing to climate change. That is according to a study of the small, ancient and hardy plants - carried out over more than a